• Getting a Perfect Burn

    This tallow beeswax blend is a fabulous, hard wax. It burns bright and slow and creates a strong scent throw with the double wick. The only problem inherent in using natural essential oils for my scent blends, is that they are natural. They are produced by nature, not in a lab, so there will always be slight variations. The differences in each batch of oil can cause each candle to burn differently. We tested many different brands and sizes of wicks and settled on the wicks that give us a perfect burn 90% of the time. We recommend that you light the wicks as is for the first burn. Do not trim them. This gives the candle a better chance of burning all the way to the edge and creates a good "memory" for the subsequent burns. If you have a candle that is struggling to burn all the way to the edge, even after several hours, you may need to help it along a bit. Here is what I do:

    If the flame is a bit low, or you have lots of wax left on the sides, you can pour the melted wax into the top of the lid. When it is full, it should give your wick the space it needs to catch up. Once it cools, you can easily break the wax in the lid and use the pieces in a wax melter. If you do not have a wax melter, you can tuck each peice into random drawers and cabinets, and make them smell fabulous!

    You should now be able to relight the candle and carry on!

    These candles require a bit of tender loving care, but I hope the end result is a warm comforting flame and a fabulously scented home!

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