About us


Well, we aren't boring.

I am Wendy Lawhon. I live in central Texas with my fabulous husband and my 7 crazy fun bundles of energy! We keep busy exploring the neighborhood, cooking, eating, playing, reading, and pouring candles and soaps.

We started Besem Natural Scents to make the cleanest burning, best fragranced candles available. We soon added all natural soaps. It is a true family affair!

We have a heart for orphans, and initially wanted to raise money to help pay for our two adoptions. We also donate 10% of all profits to orphan relief*. Adoption has been an incredible blessing to our family and we want to help raise awareness about the need for loving families and the great benefits to those families who open their homes to provide these children with a "forever" family.

Adoption is a feasible option for any family, and candle and soap sales are a great way to raise necessary funds! Email Wendy at besemnaturalscents [at] gmail.com to ask me about our fundraising program.

*We currently give 10% of our profits to Christlike Academy in Kenya.